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Eep, fell behind a little bit. Have been suuuuuper busy at work.

I hear ya woman. I had a duel to the death with a beloved Indian dish last night and lost spectacularly. But at least when you're attending a festival, it is a somewhat special occasion. I'm glad to hear you're sort of prepared for the temptation and are ready to rock!

As for me:
Oh, ****.

Yesterday started really well. I bribed myself with the purchase of a couple of new books, and walked for several hours into the downtown core to the bookstore. I had a yogurt and coffee along the way and when I got home, I ate lentil soup and a dry whole wheat pita for lunch. My UP wristband says I took about 12,000 steps, 2,000 more than my daily goal. Amazing.

Then, as a treat, I decided to order in food since the manz was heading over to a buddy's for the evening anyhow.

Crap. I brought a binge-trigger food into the house, thinking I'd be able to control my portions. I was soooo wrong.

I binged like nobody's business last night, ate a GIANT container of butter chicken and rice and pounded two and a half cans of diet coke until I felt genuinely sick. This morning, my weight was up to 180.4. (ouch!)

Trying not to beat myself up too badly, just going to try to hop back on the wagon and do well today. Wish me luuuck!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.
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