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Red face I Love Pre-Packaged Meals :)

I saw your post about I love this Diet and I wanted to comment because I am on that plan.
I tried Weight Watchers and LA weight loss and most of those plans recommend using lean cuisines and smart ones, basiclly smart ones is a weight watchers product, and then you have to pay membership fees just for them to tell you what to buy. I came across I love this Diet about a year ago and it looked just like other plans I had used but way cheaper so I joined up and I have lost about 70 lbs give or take.
The meals are so great and with the way the plan works you can add vegetables to them and really do them up so its just a great satisfying meal. I was also concerned about sodium when I first started, my aunt said that's why she wouldn't do it with me, but after a few weeks I really learned how to work with the plan and sodium is not really a concern for me anymore. It's really easy to control for the daily amount by making a little better choices on breakfast and snack items.

I have recommended this plan to almost everyone I know, even my aunt took an interest after I had lost 50 lbs.

Hope this helps.
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