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Default Why isn't weight loss liner?

Due to the 1 to 2 million years that home erectus/sapions etc have been on this earth the body is always trying to keep itself from starvation. The body has a "body mass set point" similar to a termperature, 98.6, set point and it tries to keep itself at that point to prevent starvation. While you lose fat cells daily the body replaces the fat cells with water. It does this until the body feels saturated with water. Can be 3 days, 7 days, 10 days. At this point the body will flush the water and establish a new "body mass set point". You will notice increased urination when this happens. It is pretty simple for men, however, women have a harder time with this due to their mentrual cycles which also store water cells. These cycles interwine with women and it can be up to 10/14 days before the water cells get flushed. It can be very frustrating. Keep at it!!!!!!!!!!

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