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Originally Posted by Hollygb66 View Post

I do have a question though to all of you who have been on the program. One of my papers says, "NO SODA"! My coach told me that included DIET COKE!!! I'm really not sure I can do that part..haha I am on day 3 and wanting one as I type this. She explained that it was something about preventing kidney stones. If it doesn't affect my weight loss, I should be able to have one, right? I drink enough water to flush it out of my system!
This program is an alkaline diet, and diet coke is acidic. Now that I have told you that, I must confess I do not know what this actually means! I am sorry that I am leaving you hanging without a full answer. Try posting again on tomorrows daily chat as it is getting kind of late. I will tell you that I have had one diet coke in the last 5 months!

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