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Originally Posted by JLUS View Post
You may have already told us this but, are you having additional packets due to your high exertion level? IP is a NO exercise eating program. There simply are NOT enough calories to support exercise. Those who are committed to adding the exercise MUST consume an extra packet within 30 minutes post workout. At your level of exertion you might even need two extra packs!

You may be doing this but with so mane new IPers on board recently I think we need to be sure everyone is clear!!

In addition, keep in mind that exercise is highly likely to SLOW the rate of loss. If you understand and are willing to take longer getting to goal, that's fine. But recognizing the limited calories available to your body and ensuring that you are supplementing with additional packets is essential!!
I did eat my SW puffs while on the court! My coach told me I can have up to 4 packs on my day of playing. I think the extra pack helps to add the extra calories/carbs I'll burn.

I'm a VERY active person so sitting on my couch during the whole process won't be an option. Luckily, I only have to sit for 2 weeks according to my coach! I have friends who played while on IP and they still lost weight. So, there must be a way around it.

I do have a question though to all of you who have been on the program. One of my papers says, "NO SODA"! My coach told me that included DIET COKE!!! I'm really not sure I can do that part..haha I am on day 3 and wanting one as I type this. She explained that it was something about preventing kidney stones. If it doesn't affect my weight loss, I should be able to have one, right? I drink enough water to flush it out of my system!
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