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Originally Posted by MAK247 View Post
I have also tried oxyelite pro. They did not help me lose weight (I started eating healthier but wasn't counting calories) but they gave me SO MUCH ENERGY! I loved it! Unfortunately, I started to also have severe mood swings, I was always pissed off, so I did some research. From what I read, they are (or were at the time) similar to meth. Lesson learned, but I do miss that rush of energy, I'd do all my house cleaning, yard work, errands, etc. and still have energy to spare...I remember sitting in the bank drive through twitching and fidgeting because I couldn't stand to just sit still and wait for them to deposit my money or whatever I was doing. lol
interesting, thanks for sharing. not to go off topic, but some of the ingredients in the original oxypro are supposed to be helpful for people with ADD/ADHD to focus more, which is one reason I tried it. usually if you don't have ADD/ADHD those things can have the opposite effect, instead of calming you down to focus you'll have a crazy amount of energy instead.

I always say... if it works, it probably won't be on the market for long. same with oxypro, I believe it was almost discontinued but now I'm seeing it for sale again.
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