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Thank you for the warm welcome!

Originally Posted by bbb60 View Post
Good morning IP friends. I cannot believe it is July 31 already. Summer has sure flown by. My husband is leaving on a 2 week motorcycle trip today and I will have to cook for myself while he is gone. I realize how he has spoiled me when he is away and I have to fend for myself. He even grilled a dozen turkey burgers last night so I would have them available for quick and easy meals after work. He has been such a great support during this IP adventure with me. Hope everyone has a great day!
Congratulations on the loss! So wonderful that you have such a supportive husband! You can do this while he's gone and he will be so proud of your success!

Originally Posted by drivebynotthru View Post
bbb60- I know how you feel. It's great for those of us who have supportive family members.

Happy IP morning to everyone. I'm praying for strength today. I'm severely tired and my go to is sugar for a quick wake up since I don't drink coffee or tea. I have 3 hour long appointments for my twins today and I still need to fit in all my regular stuff. I know I can do it. I'll see you at the end of the day!
Sending you vibes for strength :vibes: You will do this!

Originally Posted by A1Texan View Post
Well I have finally made it to Maintenance. I have 3 pounds to go but after visiting the CrossFit Gym yesterday, they suggested that I start increasing my calories before Monday (Starting Gym Day) so I don't crash & burn

Stay with it everyone because it does work....!!!
Congratulations to you for completing the program! I wish you much success with your maintenance!

Originally Posted by shrinkingsusie View Post
Good morning, all.

Thanks for sharing yesterday, Lisa. You are an inspiration!

Weigh-in number 3 for me tomorrow.
Good luck!

Originally Posted by StormyS View Post
Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a great day! I missed a packet yesterday. I was feeling sick and went to take a nap when I put my daughter down for bed and ended up sleeping all night- I usually have my last packet before bed as a snack along with the supplements. Should I try to make it up today or just let it go?
I would just let this one go.

Originally Posted by Maxxy View Post
Here's a victory for me....silly one...but a victory!

I just gave advice to someone else on another thread! It seems strange that I actually have information to provide that may be helpful. It's a great feeling to realize how much I have already learned about IP and that I can pay it forward!
:high5: Way to go!

Originally Posted by wagirls12 View Post
Long time Lurking, First time posting.
I start my program on Saturday and I am really nervous. Thanks to all of you and your wonderful encouragement and Information. It really helps with me moving forward on my journey.
Good luck as you take the big leap. The first few days aren't so fun but it gets so much better after that! It really works and you will be so happy that you did this!

Originally Posted by tallgirl231 View Post
Received my blood work results today from my Dr. A1C is now 5.3 which is fantastic because I went from 5.9 to 5.3 with diet alone. I stopped taking the metformin after my last visit 3 months ago. I can now remove my cholesterol meds and have recently reduced my blood pressure meds. Woot Woot!

This diet plan has helped me on my way to become a healthier me at 52 years old. I never thought that this could be possible for me since I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I'm here to tell anyone who will listen that this plans works if you decide that you want it to work. Like Lisa has said, it is more mental than anything else. I'm thankful that I've finally conquered the mental portion to begin this wonderful journey. Happy hump day everyone!
Now THAT is what this is all about!

Originally Posted by Beanie Mommy View Post
Feeling icky today thanks to the big "C". I haven't been eating all my lettuce, so I know why I'm suffering... Just have not been wanting to eat lettuce... Big mistake. Will do better going forward with that.

Just had to get that off my chest with people who understand. Not really something I can verbalize around the office, ha, ha.
I hope you feel better soon. My Coach used to sell something called Floralax, which worked really great for me the first time around.

Originally Posted by cdnmomof2 View Post
Summer has kept me busy and away from the computer (not a bad thing right? lol)

But I haven't left IP in fact I'm in PHASE THREE NOW

I can not believe I have lost 57 POUNDS!and 39.4" over all

I'm also toning up now as I started strength training (slowly) when I entered phase 2 and am IN LOVE with how my body is changing for the better. I HAVE BICEPS and definition in my triceps!!

I'm on a natural high all the time now and can't believe I look the way I do (will have to post before and afters for you soon)
Way to go!!! So awesome!

Originally Posted by Khoffman View Post
Greetings to all! I have been a reader of 3fc for the past 2.5 months now!! I started on this IP adventure on May 17th, 2013. I have never posted on here because I never knew what to write about, etc. Today, I am feeling "I don't know how to handle" this progress that I have been having on this adventure. It is awesome, and I love IP. Well, Since May 17th I have lost 46.6#s and 27.75 inches.... I WI again tomorrow for Week #11. I can't comprehend the fact that I am down a flipping 46.6 pounds. And 27.75inches!! Anyone else feel like that? I see some change in certain parts of my body like my hands and feet, but I personally cant see it other places. I started out being a 5xish top kinda girl, and I can see that those tops are getting really big on me, especially in my scrub tops. My pants are/were 3x and I can see more room there too!! I don't know if I am just expecting to see more of a change than what I am seeing right now, or what the deal is! I know everyone around me sees a different me!! I also like being told that your cloths are getting "too big" on you!! I have never in my life heard that comment before!!!! I kinda like that!! I guess my question is how can I or what can I do to be able to put my hands around the idea that I have lost 46.6 pounds and 27.75 inches? I know I should see more of a difference than I do, but I don't!! I am very very happy being on this IP adventure for the past 11 weeks!! I'm going to keep it up 100% because I have at least another long way to go... I don't have an exact # for that. at least I would think another 150# maybe. Thank you everyone for this awesome website!! It is great inspiration and advice and ideas and tips!! I have learned a lot in the past 11 weeks.... Thanks again....
Thank you for sharing your success.

Originally Posted by StormyS View Post
Okay, so I am taking a deep breath and thinking that I need think really hard about some alternatives because the IP food (while working really well) is just too expensive! We just did our budget for Fall and I would like to stay OP, but I need to cut some costs to do so. I did already read the alternatives threads, but I was wondering anyone has found a good replacement for the cappuccino drink somewhere? I have a spinach cappuccino drink (from Lisa's recipe) for lunch everyday and I think that would be a good place to start subbing in a cheaper product. I would appreciate any help!
I know people who have seen similar success with alternatives. It can definitely be done! Don't give up!
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