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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
My DH took some before photos (actually from about a week OP) and I am so mortified I cringe at the thought of posting them. However, I am ready for him to take some new progress photos to have a comparison. I was wearing black sweat pants and a sports bra, so my back, sides, and tummy would be visible. I wanted to see all my rolls! It must be true love, because after I saw those pictures I couldn't imagine how he could be attracted to that body! I guess after having 3 kids he did help contribute to it. lol.
I was nervous to say anything but truthfully I am dying to see some progress pics from you, our H and GW are the same! I hope that isn't weird! In my "before" pic I am wearing some sz 18 jeans and my then-favorite 2XL T shirt. Now I'm back in XLs ans Sz 14s I have a current pic but it doesn't mean as much without that "before". I'll have to ask again! I have been taking "selfies" in the mirror since I got back on 2 weeks ago, I think I will be glad I did. And yes, our men are good ones! I can't believe he still got it up for me at my HW!

Goal: Begin maintenance on Aug. 30th to learn how to maintain, then go back on Phase 1 next April and lose more.
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