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Originally Posted by Alibaibee View Post
Hey Giovanni.

I agree, most things don't work at all. For myself, though, I've found Oxyelite Pro works well for me. I've been through the whole get back into shape routine before. I've never been more than 20-30 pounds over my lowest weight with an awesome body fat percentage. Google it to find out more, buy it online or at GNC (i bought it on sale the other day for 39.99). It's a thermogenic, NOT A DIET PILL OR MAGIC. If you want results from taking it, work out hard and eat clean. It helps with energy, giving you a boost throughout the day. I don't get jittery, as some people do, but I do get a touch of nausea toward the end of my workouts. Well worth it to me, though. I was losing weight steadily, but my first week taking this I feel fat has been more or less melting off of me (though I've been lifting and doing intense cardio and exercises that really challenge my body).

Just a thought, something to look into

Best of luck!!!!!

I tried Oxylite Pro (the original)... have to admit, it does work pretty good... almost as good as phentermine did as far as suppressing hunger. It did increase my heart rate though. Of course it is still no magic pill, you can't eat whatever you want- you still have to count calories and exercise...
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