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Originally Posted by sarita75 View Post
Good morning all. After realizing I was seriously not entering in my salad carbs correctly, and seeing a slowing in my weight loss this week, I am turning this train around. It bothered me and continues to bother me that I could have been so daft, but onwards and upwards. Small NSV today. Wearing this colorful pencil skirt that I bought about 2.5 years ago and have never fit into....AND I have my shirt tucked in. Woot. I will try to get a photo at some point.

Congrats, can't wait to see the pic! I wish more people would post progress pics, but I guess I have no room to speak! I asked my coach for the pictures she took in the office twice now and NADA. Oh well.

Goal: Begin maintenance on Aug. 30th to learn how to maintain, then go back on Phase 1 next April and lose more.
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