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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
I posted this on the alternatives thread but thought I'd share here too:

I placed my second order with Nashua Nutrition today. Some discounts applied, but for 3 weeks of products my total was $104. This would have been over $250 worth of Ideal Protein products. I am so happy I switched to alternatives. Losing weight was becoming such a financial burden on IP. I wish I could afford it, but it is such a relief to order and not "break the bank"!

NSV yesterday: I tried on some size 8 jeans and although they were a bit too tight for my liking, I actually could have worn them! I had a bit of hang over at the waist, but not so much. I really didn't think they'd get past my thighs and was shocked when they pulled right up! Yay!

Hollygb66: the protocol was designed for 2 unrestricted, and 1 restricted every day. Weighing yourself daily will show fluctuations in water weight as well as other bodily products. That is why a weekly weigh in is the best way to track your progress. I like to weigh often as well, but always keep in mind that it may not be an accurate measure of my fat loss every day. I read that IP designed the protocol as they found no reduction in weight loss by having a restricted every day. If you eliminate it based on a day to day weight on the scale you may slow your losses.
Hi! I occasionally order from Nashua Nutrition, but to buy the chocolate covered soy snacks (which are EXACTLY the same as IP, but cheaper) and to buy the most amazing thing of all: the dark chocolate wafers. These things are AMAZING. Here is the link:

For the Proti-Thin Chocolate Covered Soy Snacks:

For the Proti-Thin Dark Chocolate Wafers:

The nutritional value of the chocolate wafers is almost identical to the IP Strawberry Wafers. (They are a restricted item) These things taste so good! I usually eat one after lunch and one after dinner (they come with 2 wafers in each package/2 wafers equal one serving - so I'm getting one servings worth by spreading them out over the day). I think the same company that makes the IP Wafers makes these (both are made in the UK and the serving size is exactly the same)

Try them the next time you order. YUM!!

PS - They also make a mocha and vanilla wafer. I tried the mocha and liked them but the dark chocolate is my favorite.

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