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@A1Texan Grats to you, how long did the whole process take for you?

@wagirls12 Welcome and good luck to you we will all be here for you when you and if you need us

@sarita75 that's a great share, please post pics, they tend to motivate me the most

@Beanie Mommy
a Cup of hot tea can also help move things along too...they even make like "smooth tea" which has some senna in it...i wouldn't advise drinking that kind every day but once a few times a week should be fine. That is if your increased lettuce intake doesn't your inner bunny.

cdnmomof2 WTG

@Khoffman you've done AMAZING so far, and yes i understand the whole "i should be feeling better about all of this" you and i both just need to wrap our heads around the fact that this process does take some time...staying 100% is the best thing you can do for feel great with this loss so're going to feel even better when your current loss is doubled. AprilH3 stated it best really...and she looks amazing in her new photo
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