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I'm still around TAM -- nice of you to start the summer thread. I have had so much on my plate with going through chemo and dealing with DH and his Alzheimers. We're back at home now but he has had a lot of problems and we've had to get him new/more meds to address them. He was in the hospital for a week, but we were there so much to help him eat and do personal care, I was exhausted by running back & forth.

My flowers and plants look lovely; I trimmed them up myself. Put the peony plants and flowers in there metal cages. Had to hire a guy to cut the lawn; it was so high (up to about the knees they say). He had to use a weedwacker at first, then a cut with the mower. It took him 5 hours. He just did it again and it took about an hour. Hasn't been easy to find someone though; they are rare these days.

The weather has been cooler and wetter this summer; with one week of really hot/humid days so far. The odd day of heat but not all the time, thank goodness. The is really helping my plants and they are doing great becuz of that and the compost we put in the beds last year.

Just went to the doctors and my blood pressure is too high; so have to try to address that anyway we can. Been under a lot of stress with DH and his condition; hopefully it isn't a physical cause. I gained back some weight from those steroids they gave me to handle the chemo; they worked well, but now I am having to work twice as hard to lose some of it again. My goal is about 30 lbs over the next year.

Hope you've all been having a great summer so far; do have a great month of AUGUST starting tomorrow ...
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