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Originally Posted by StormyS View Post
Okay, so I am taking a deep breath and thinking that I need think really hard about some alternatives because the IP food (while working really well) is just too expensive! We just did our budget for Fall and I would like to stay OP, but I need to cut some costs to do so. I did already read the alternatives threads, but I was wondering anyone has found a good replacement for the cappuccino drink somewhere? I have a spinach cappuccino drink (from Lisa's recipe) for lunch everyday and I think that would be a good place to start subbing in a cheaper product. I would appreciate any help!
I made the switch to alternatives and have been using the Premier Protein Vanilla RTD. I add 2 shots of Espresso and some cinnamon. I drink it warm and it is good, but it is really yummy with a little crushed ice in my magic bullet. I used to drink a Starbucks SF Vanilla Latte every day of my life! This actually makes me miss them less. I bought mine at a store called Menards, but I think Costco also carries them. I use the one with 18G protein.

Nashua Nutrition also has the following:
HealthSmart Cold Drink - Proticcino (7/Box) for $11.99 (cold drink)
Proti-Thin Hot Drink - Cappuccino Decaffeinated (7/Box) $12.95 (hot drink)

I have not tried them, but I checked and they look like they are IP compatible. There are other sites like I have heard about, but I have only used Nashua Nutrition so far. I haven't ventured too far from that yet. You can check out reviews on any product on the site. Just check the ingredients to make sure there is no aspartame. I have found that several products have that sweetener, but there is usually an alternative with sucralose. Just keep looking. Healthsmart, Proti-Thin, and Protidiet are the three brands I have ordered.

Hope this helps.

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