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Greetings to all! I have been a reader of 3fc for the past 2.5 months now!! I started on this IP adventure on May 17th, 2013. I have never posted on here because I never knew what to write about, etc. Today, I am feeling "I don't know how to handle" this progress that I have been having on this adventure. It is awesome, and I love IP. Well, Since May 17th I have lost 46.6#s and 27.75 inches.... I WI again tomorrow for Week #11. I can't comprehend the fact that I am down a flipping 46.6 pounds. And 27.75inches!! Anyone else feel like that? I see some change in certain parts of my body like my hands and feet, but I personally cant see it other places. I started out being a 5xish top kinda girl, and I can see that those tops are getting really big on me, especially in my scrub tops. My pants are/were 3x and I can see more room there too!! I don't know if I am just expecting to see more of a change than what I am seeing right now, or what the deal is! I know everyone around me sees a different me!! I also like being told that your cloths are getting "too big" on you!! I have never in my life heard that comment before!!!! I kinda like that!! I guess my question is how can I or what can I do to be able to put my hands around the idea that I have lost 46.6 pounds and 27.75 inches? I know I should see more of a difference than I do, but I don't!! I am very very happy being on this IP adventure for the past 11 weeks!! I'm going to keep it up 100% because I have at least another long way to go... I don't have an exact # for that. at least I would think another 150# maybe. Thank you everyone for this awesome website!! It is great inspiration and advice and ideas and tips!! I have learned a lot in the past 11 weeks.... Thanks again....

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