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Originally Posted by rhondamarie View Post
Ya'll are fantastic group of people. I enjoy hearing from everyone. I feel like I am not alone in this struggle. I have not been getting my 3 IP packs a day, and I realize I am makeing a big mistake. I eat the the questbar chocolate chip cookie dough bar and I feel like I am cheating, so I stopped the 3rd ip pack. Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.
IP is already designed around THREE packets every day, 2 unrestricted and one restricted. It is designs to account for all the calories, fats, carbs, AND proteins that you need to put your body into fat-loss mode (ketosis). When you cut out a packet, your body perceives this as starvation mode and "protects" you by hanging on to fat for reserves. You are actually doing the opposite of what you think you are doing!!

As long as your restricted meets IP standards (under 200 cals, not more than 30% cals from fats; 9-17 carbs for restricteds; 15+ proteins) you are FINE!!

Some people do cut out restricteds and eat 3 unrestricteds, BUT again, IP is designed assuming you WILL have a restricted each day so all the counts are already planned into your daily intake. No need to omit. A few people are very carb sensitive and do better limiting/omitting them, but most do not have to do that.

Follow the protocol and you will WIN!

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