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I got disgusted with BL and had to stop watching. Too much petty drama, too much whining, too much unrealistic expectations and letdowns, too much stupid competition. And personally I find Jillian revolting. She is at times verbally abusive, she has terrible form and so do her clients. I think some of the exercises they do are just asking for injury. I also think that they way they lose weight, in a bubble in a crazy short period of time, is just asking for failure.

I love Extreme Makeover Weight Loss! Jami's episode really spoke to me. I also tend to place my self-worth in what I weigh/how I look. I have serious feelings of worthlessness. I am also majorly obsessive. I do the undereat/overexercise thing. I am prone to developing an eating disorder. I have been suicidal in the past. I loved that first of all, he encouraged her to eat more and exercise less. Then when she didn't meet her weight goal and still felt good about herself, he saw that as a victory. I loved that he gave her a fitness goal instead of a weight goal. I actually just started doing this because of that episode. I had my husband stick the scale and measuring tape in the farthest corner of our tallest closet. I can't get it without climbing and potentially hurting myself. If I want to measure/weigh my husband has to get it down and I told him only once per month maximum. Unless I am ordering clothes online and need to measure for that there is no need for it more than once per month.

I actually just watched the epidode with Ryan, the man with one arm. I don't think I've ever cried so much from a weight loss story. He was so inspiring. I love that Chris seems to really know when to push and when to back off and compromise. Jillian just pushes and pushes, no matter the circumstances. He is kind and yet not a pushover. He is very balanced in his training. And the fact that it is over a year, instead of a few months, and they are in their home environment, helps them to maintain because it is more realistic.

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