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I had no idea I was this big... Every time I saw a picture I looked GIGANTIC, nothing like what I thought I looked like. My mother was always bigger, and I realized that at 30 years old I was bigger than she ever was. At the same time, she lost a huge amount of weight and suddenly I couldn't deny it anymore, I was the biggest person in the family.
All of that wasn't enough to motivate me to do something drastic. W/in the last few years I was diagnosed with a non-functioning thyroid and some insulin resistant issues (PCOS) which were all causing fertility issues. My doctor told me point blank I wouldn't likely get pregnant until I lost weight, and if I couldn't do it on my own in the next year she would recommend I go to a fertility specialist. It was the shock I needed. My own bad habits were keeping me from having a baby, supposedly what I wanted - but I wasn't acting like it. She told me many of her patients had good luck on the Ideal Protein diet and we pulled up the website right in her office.
I joined a few weeks later and lost 10% of my body weight in only 5 weeks. I feel amazing. Several people at work are talking about joining after seeing my results, and work and my family have been really supportive. I feel great, but I am really starting to think (and worry) about long term. P1 is great, practically a no-brainer, but I don't want to struggle with this for the rest of my life. I need to find the balance that works for me and invest in myself every day... much easier said than done.
Good luck everyone. Your stories are very inspiring.

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