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I've always been heavy/fat/chubby/large whatever you wanna call it...since i was in my teens. Its not be a fun life...and the older i get, the more i feel like i'm missing out on stuff or avoiding fun things in life b/c of my weight. Honestly, i just hate myself, and maybe always have.

That being said, i've tried to lose weight for most of my a fairly healthy eater...its just my sugar addiction that really gets in my way. I've tried everything....and can have considerable will power...but as another poster said...when you are busting your butt to lose weight and see a 1 pound loss in a couple of months...well its very demoralizing.

I had heard about IP 1 year before starting it...when i first heard of sounded just like another BS medifast, or nutrisystem crap program. After seeing a co-worker lose 50lbs in a few months, i figured i needed to re-investigate this program. and im so happy i did....I'm losing weight, easily for the first time in my life (its not as fast as i would hope but meh its still a downward trend and that's all that matters) This program works, and i miss nothing...I've got a long long road ahead of me, but this is a life long journey now...
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