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Default The Moment you were ready was...

Hey everyone. I am currently rebooting to loose 5 lbs that I have gained while maintaining and an additional 5lbs to take me to my ultimate goal as a gift to myself as I approach my 1 year anniversary start date of IP. I have been thinking about the moment I knew I had to make a change in my life, my diet, and when I knew I was really done with looking and feeling the way I did.

I thought this would be great inspiration to keep us all on track and refocused on the many reasons we are making life changes.

I'll start...

The moment I was ready was when I spent an entire summer in dresses (namely two to be exact) because I could not fit into any others and was too shamed to go shopping. I stayed home while friends went to water parks, had BBQ's at the pool, and made excuses about not being able to go to the lake.

I remember in late August 2012 looking through pics of my life when I was at my goal weight (which had been about 7 years prior) and seeing an energy, confidence, and self-esteem shine through in comparison to recent photos were I would hide and barely was almost as if you could tell by my body language I was not happy.

I have heard many times that happiness comes from within BUT I am a firm believer that to truly be happy and love yourself, you cannot simultaneously hate (and yes I hated the way I looked) your outward appearance and feel good on the inside. Because of my hate towards my appearance, it ate away at my self-esteem, confidence, worth, and on and on and damaged my beauty on the inside.

I am emotional as I share this but happy to get it off my chest as it serves as a reminder of where I have been, where I am continuing to stay away from, and where I taking my life now.
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