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Originally Posted by Jelbb View Post
Happy Monday ladies!

I was back up to 178.4 this morning (from 177.4), but... can't say I mind too much. I'm aware that I was far from perfect this weekend: I had some ice cream, and rice chips and (oh em gee) a McChicken sandwich. I also exercised for this many minutes: 0

I feel a little bit like I'm slipping in my resolve. I'm so used to being all or nothing-- today I bailed out of spin class ten minutes early, disgusted by the fact that I'd forgotten to wash my gym clothes and I could smell myself sweating the OLD b.o. out of the top (ew), and decided that I HAD to have time to shower privately before everyone else came charging into the changeroom, lest I go back to work smelly. (It is a very un-private sorta changeroom/shower in this boutique-y little spin club, and I am very un-fond of the exhibitionist nature of said changeroom/shower.)

It was a lot easier to leave early today because my normal spin class companions all bailed today... I'm proud of myself for at least going, though.

....That being said, immediately afterwards I got a turkey sandwich on a cranberry baguette from the deli next to the spin place... not exactly the healthiest follow-up, but... I can't muster the energy to beat myself up over it.


Aiming for a healthy dinner tonight and a great day tomorrooooow.

At least you went to class! That's the important thing
Good for you to have the motivation to go back for another day in a row. You rock!
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