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Originally Posted by LaurenM View Post
Thank you Lisa. I want to tell you that you look fantastic and your enthusiasm, knowledge and progress is certainly impressive.

As for lettuce - I have eaten it here and there to help. After more than four weeks, it isn't enough and the hunger is just making me grumpy. Today's weigh in just angered me beyond belief. Then again, maybe the PMS hormones are kicking in right now.
I am definitely not an IP expert, but from the knowledge I have gleaned from the boards you seem to be hitting all the "slow" weight loss notes: over 50, not much to lose, and PMS.

It might not be what your coach promised, or what you want to hear, but 1.5lbs is likely pretty darn good! With your initial big loss, it means it will only take you another 3-4 weeks to get to goal - that is great! And perhaps after the PMS passes you might "whoosh", or have a bigger than normal loss.

Good luck and stick with it. You have already done so well!

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