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Originally Posted by ReginaLynn View Post
How do I thank you guys for all the support and encouragement?!! As dumb as it sounds, I already feel better!
@dak1lls, those stuffed peppers are SO happening soon. Will I be able to find the recipe on google? I noticed we weighed close to the same before starting
IP & have the same goal weight. When I see that you've lost 36 pounds, I'm just that much more inspired. And your totally right, the journey of P1 is to learn new ways to cook and live healthier! I just have to remember that.
Thanks so much!!
I found them by doing a google search. I think you will find many different ones, but just go through them until you find one you think will work for you. I usually search like this: stuffed peppers recipe ideal protein 3fatchicks. Sometimes I leave out the 3fatchicks, as other sites will have recipes as well. Pinterest has a lot of IP recipes. Just keep track of the amount of veggies and protein you are using and you will be golden.

Yes, our stats are really similar. I always look at the stats of others and the ones who are similar and successful provide a lot of encouragement to me. I can't believe I am 16 lbs from my goal! You can expect weeks of low losses, great losses, and no losses. I even had a week where I gained a pound! I had worked very hard that week and was super stressed, and for sure it showed up in my gain. I should have had extra protein on the days I expended so much energy.

I am no longer using IP products but have switched to alternatives. It has not affected my losses at all and I can now afford more variety. The thing to remember is to follow the protocol and you will lose the weight.

Don't look back, you're not going that way!
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