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Originally Posted by amt6 View Post
Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you with my experience phasing off for my 10 day trip in Paris/London. I did a mini phase off (1 week phase 2, 1 week phase 3) and then as soon as I left for the airport, I let myself go. I ate and drank whatever I wanted, because hey, how many times do you get to eat wine, cheese and bread for dinner while in Paris (not very IP friendly!!). The first time I ate French fries I was in the bathroom the entire next day (not fun on vacation!) so I quickly learned that fried food wasn't going to agree with my new metabolism.

Long story short, is I came home, PETRIFIED of what I would see on the scale, fully expecting a 10-15 lb. gain, and I only gained 2 lbs!! I couldn't believe it. Between the walking, drinking so much water, and my new IP metabolism, my body actually worked with me instead of against me.

The moral of the story is TRUST IP! Even when you go on vacation and break loose from the strict confines of Phase 1, your body still remembers and will help you through. I am back on phase 1 as of this morning and couldn't be happier to continue this journey towards goal.

Was Paris just awesome? I'm getting so excited for my trip at the end of August. I'm so happy to hear that you only gained 2 lbs. My biggest worry is the wine drinking. LOL. I can only imagine how little it's going to take to make my loopy since I haven't had a sip of any alcohol since March. I'm doing the same thing with phasing out like you did so it sounds like that will work.

My mission is to try to lose 10 more pounds before I go. It's been so SLOWWWWWW. This morning I made it into the 240's at 249.6. That made me so happy. It's been at least 13 years since I was in the 240's.

Would love to hear some highlights of your trip!
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