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Hey girls....happy to see everyone "back on the wagon".

Dance....whats going on in your dating life?

Burgundy - ok, I think I missed somthing. When you say "the cabin", what is that?

Not a whole lot to update you on. Have you girls ever dreamed excessively where you just really wished for something that was very unrealistic? lol. I swear I keep dreaming about winning the lotto and how I will live my life once I do, it is the most bizarre thing. *sigh* I guess one can dream. :-)

I feel like I need a challenge and maybe I have had just too much free time on my hands lately with all the kids going away. I will be starting up the PT job again in September, on top of my current FT job, and will be starting school at the end of August. Maybe I should I just sit and wait and see if my desire for change still exists after all of that. I love the people I work with and my job itself but I am getting my normal 5 year itch. Gosh I hate when I get like this. What do you girls so when you find yourself bored, or unchallenged, or stir crazy?
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