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Originally Posted by floridasunshine View Post
good morning all!

random question: i've noticed that my body odor has changed over the last couple of weeks. i am in week 6 of IP. i've never noticed any kind of body odor (armpits) before, and suddenly it smells like i haven't showered in days all the time. i started applying more deodorant but that wasn't helping much. switched to the "clinical strength" stuff today and i'm going to see how that goes. first time in my life with funky armpits! it must be IP/keto related, yes? i knew that i would get some bad breath from ketosis and stocked up on mints.. but armpits?

I havent' noticed this myself but i've been using World Organics Mega Chlorophyll tabs, daily since about week two of starting IP to avoid the problem. No complaints from DH about smells so i guess it's all good ....(i've asked him too cuz smelling bad is something i worry about lol).
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