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Jelbb: I'm sure the people who were at your spin class appreciated you bailing to wash your gym clothes hahaha Mine were stinking pretty bad yesterday, and I was so relieved to have the gym to myself (there's one in my apartment building). Today I went down smelling of Gain's Apple Mango Tango detergent!

The rise was enough to make me be really careful, and went from 175.0 to 172.4 in a day -- I'm not close to TOM, and things hadn't been overly salty, so I think the blip up might have been from ovulation or something. In any case, today is was 172.6, which I'm 100% fine with, as long as the overall trend is in the right direction!

10 minutes into my elliptical workout, I got a phone call I had to take and went upstairs to deal with it. I managed to gather enough motivation to head back downstairs and do another 27 minutes, which took me to the end of my Futurama episode I bought a black bean & yam sandwich for lunch today, which probably isn't so great. I tossed the bread it came on and threw the contents on one of those Flatout wraps, which should save about 150 calories. I've been nursing a headache for the last 48 hours, and always crave crap when I have them. The sandwich is better than poutine, I guess.

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