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Originally Posted by garnettac View Post
$4.00 per packet/$28 per box on most items, $4.50 per package of the yummy orange wafers and $5.00 for RTD in Worcester, Mass.
Originally Posted by Iolani View Post
$4 for packets and $5 for RTD.
I am in mass and these are the prices I pay, but I was told they are going up .50 cents per packet.

I have to buy a weeks worth of product each week or you can not stay in the program, is that true for all of you?

Week1- 7.5 Week2-3.0 Week3- 4.0 Week4- 2.3
Week5- 2.4 Week6-4.4 Week7- 1.8 Week8- 3.6
Week9- 1.0 Week10-3.2 Week11-1.0 Week12-0.8
Week13-3.0 Week14-2.8 Week15-0.6 Week16-1.6 Week17-1.2 Week18-2.6 Week19-0.8 Week20-0.6
Week21-1.6 Week22-2.4 Week23-1.4 Week24-0.6
Week25+.8 Week26-2.2 Week27-0.8 Week28-0.2
Week29-1.4 Week30-1.2 Week31-0.6 Week32-1.6
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