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Happy birthday, Karen, and thanks to all for the warm welcome.

I worked hard packing yesterday -- still have quite a bit to get thru, but have another week, so should be a piece of cake.

This morning, I have an appt. with the dentist who made my original obturator and is in the process of doing the final one. I was in last week to fit the basic framework and it feels so much less cumbersome than the current one. I am still probably 2-3 weeks away from getting it, but can't wait.

I am so sorry about your neighbor, Cajun. We had a bad run here a month or two ago. My youngest grandson was out with friends and decided he was tired and had to work the next morning, so had them drop him off. The two boys were in separate cars and were best friends and started racing about a half mile from our house and one of them lost control, crashed and died. My grandson was devastated, but I am so glad he came home before. About the same time, an old friend that I had worked with for 40 years died of pancreatic cancer, another younger work friend lost her college aged daughter to a diabetic coma, while she was away at school and my ex brother in law died from a long bout with cancer. Most of my life had been relatively charmed with very little death or serious illness around. This all came just after my cancer issue, so made me feel luckier with mine and like I really can't complain.

My daughter's boyfriend is moving in here as soon as I am gone. He isn't sure whether he will try to rent or sell his house. They have been dating for 4-5 years and have known each other since they were about 8 or 9. He was my nephew's best friend -- lived two house away from my sister's family, but claims that he though she was a little blond boy until she grew boobs. They were around each other off and on into young adulthood, but things didn't take off until they were almost 40.
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