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@ Lisa and A1Texan,
Thank you very much! As usual, Lisa, you said it more eloquently then I could. I wasn't frustrated by anyone's struggles, but battling my own meant I really couldn't even read about them this weekend. To be sure, it was definitely me dealing with my weaknesses, and not me focused on anyone else. Sometimes I feel 100% committed, and other times I just have to tell my husband to lock the pantry and go on a hike with me or I'm not going to make it! I will definitely stop into the 100% thread. Looks like I wasn't the only person who wasn't quite sure what it was 100% of. lol.
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Just wondering if anyone does anything "visual" to mark their weight loss. I find that, along with frequent visits to this forum, having a visual reminder of my progress helps keep me motivated. I saw an idea on Pinterest that was cute. You get two glass vases and fill one of them with one stone for every pound you want to lose. Then as you lose each pound, you transfer it over to the other vase. Anyone have any other ideas?
I LOVE this! I am going to put this in my bathroom so I see it every morning and every night. I love it!
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Thanks All I like many others have tried to be on many other programs. The IP works well for me because it is as Lisa said, control back in my life with no cheating and all I have to do is follow it. I go in for wk 4 wi and have not only lost 15 lbs but gained backed my determination to see my goal to the end and come away with a healthy way to live. Thank you Lisa and all of you Karin
Congrats! Some days I am so hopeful for all this... some days less so.
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Within the next hour or two, i'll know if WF was the culprit...hoping that was the issue, as it's easy enough drop from the shakes. But your symptoms sound alot like mine.
I remember reading your posts. I am bummed if this is the case, but with how bad I felt I wouldn't want to risk this happening regularly! Please let me know if you think you have narrowed it down.
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Where does your clinic take your thigh measurement? Occassionally my coach, who is also the doctor's nurse is tied up with a procedure (we just do walk in rather than appts) so I just weigh and buy products. I can do all my other measurements but do not know how far above the knee she measures to get the thigh spot. Many thanks. Happy day!
I will check when I get home, but I believe it is 5" above my knee. They measure up every time, and then around.

Thank you everybody! I was worried I would be misunderstood in my concerns. This is so deeply personal for all of us that I really respect how we all make it through, and for me, this weekend was a tough one but I made it through without cheating. I really believe having my WI on Monday nights aids this as I can't even contemplate sabotaging my week's progress over the weekend, so close to WI.

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