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Originally Posted by postalmarke View Post
I saw an excel worksheet that someone created that was helpful in plugging in foods and their values (carbs, protein, fat and calories) automatically updated and totalled so you could see if you are over/under in each category.

For the life of me, I can't find it again. Can anyone provide the link please?

If you just saw it the other day, it's my fault it is gone. I went to Mediafire to download it and was DUMPED on with malware from all sorts of unintentional additional downloads. As with any public user site, it is open to corruption. I posted on the thread about the worksheet to not download.

Took me all day today to repair the damage.

It was Petchef who posted it and you could PM her your email to send it (the malware was not her fault.) I think if you look at the IP Phase Three thread you will see her screen name.

Also Lisa made a similar excel sheet and it is in the stickies I think. (She told us where it is in the same IP P3 thread I mentioned.

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