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Thank you for the cheering, dancing carrot, Only Believe!

I am not sure if you want the answer to your question.

Poutine is my national dish. It may sound disgusting, but do not diss it unless you have tried it.

First of all you need fresh cheddar cheese curds that make this sound "squick, squick". This cheese is usually made daily and often kept at room tempertaure. It's pretty hard to find outside Québec, but apparently you can find them in Northeastern USA. Here, they are ubiquitous. Every corner store has them. It looks like this.

Then you need golden, not too greasy fries. You put the steaming hot fries in a bowl, add a generous amount of cheese curds and a delicious brown sauce which melts the cheese a little further. I like mine with plenty of black pepper.

It looks like this.

There are many variation of this dish including high end ones. In fact, a local chef won Iron chef America with a lobster poutine.

This is the dish to eat at 4 AM after the bars close, but not exactly if you want to lose weight. ;-)

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