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Hey all! Well I'm having a rough weekend over here as far as cheats go. Friday night I had a whiskey and diet coke, followed by two more shots of whiskey. And boy did I pay for it all day on saturday, terrible headache, and no appetite Then last night we went out with some friends later on in the night, I brought my evening snack with me just incase I got hungry and wanted a cheat! So I ate my bar but I still ended up getting 5 chicken wings. No sauce, just a lemon pepper rub which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't deep fried with the skin on. However the scale hasn't moved up this weekend (yet) so I think I'm getting away with it, possibly because I was doing yard work in the heat saturday morning. Time to behave!! Hope everyone is doing better than me!!

Goal: Begin maintenance on Aug. 30th to learn how to maintain, then go back on Phase 1 next April and lose more.

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