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Originally Posted by mnmomX2 View Post
A question about added salt-- my coach is very insistent on me adding the ideal salt to make certain I get the allotted amount per day. It's always bothered me a bit because I generally avoid adding salt to foods. 65x65, how do you get around this?

Hi sorry for delay in getting back to this thread... Travels and other time constraints.
First sodium sensitivity is as personal as our individual metabolisms. It's not "general". Your baseline is best determined with history and your Drs eval. That being said... There is a LOT of evidence salt intake should decrease with age, ESP after age 50. For me... That puts me in a pretty low suggested range. Some studies as low as 500 mg. Some of the foods I eat a lot of on this diet contain sodium. Spinach.. Celery... And animal proteins. When I calculate the daily intake from what is naturally occurring... I need to becareful what I add... As additional salt as well as looking at what sodium amts are in the processed protein from IP. When I don't pay attention ... I find it easy to exceed MY body's threshold, which is different today than it was at age 45!

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