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Hey all....I've found the perfect diet! Haven't weighed but I know I've lost weight just from riding thousands of miles since July 7. Spent days on I-80, painted a bunch in Illinois, jetted down the Mississippi, and rolled on over to Santa Fe to paint some more and a sweet 10 day break. Tomorrow heading out thru monument valley, utah , sturgis. Hoping to connect with chopper won't that be cool! Wish we could ALL meet up because this is one specialized group and I appreciate y'all.

Hi to Ian and glad to see ya here! Congrats on passing that test...I failed my first bike class (blush).

Oh and here's a quick story from yrs past. I accidentally rode over one of those tire shreds from a semi-truck, know what I mean? Anyhoo...I thought it would be kinda soft, but no, it was WHAM! And then some kind of strange whistle started. I looked down on my left and my kickstand was out! I kicked it back in and pulled off at first off ramp. Luckily, Frank was fine and as I calmed down and was looking around.....I saw a miracle! It was that Cadillac ranch where the guy planted a bunch of them front end down in his farmland. Somewhere in Texas I think...on I-70?

Ok you beautiful people....take care!
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