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Originally Posted by eandc2006 View Post
Lolo70...would you explain what health problems (not yours per say) but what the commercial leaves out please. Did one of our members have a health issue because of IP? I would like to know more about this as I always feel, especially in the summer as if I am retaining water (rings tighter etc) also I would like to be aware of lo g term impacts etc someone please fill me in
Long-term low carb dieting can interfere with thyroid function. It may only affect a fraction of people. I was one of them. Glucose/carbs are necessary for the creation of active T3 thyroid hormone. This, in turn is also necessary for a proper estrogen/progesterone balance. You can get some information here:

Chris Kresser also talks about it. Though the two sources differ somewhat in their opinion.

Anyways, I was on a mildly ketogenic diet and lost at a slow and steady rate. But for some medical tests I needed to lose weight faster and switched to the more carb-restricted IP diet. It really worked great initially and I was happy. But within 6 weeks I realized problems emerging. I was always very hungry despite being in ketosis, my TOM went crazy, I became very depressed and after some more weeks my LDL levels were high and I started to observe cholesterol deposits around the eyes. I also started gaining weight. IP never mentioned those potential problems, but pushed their diet as being medically based. Many of the problems I mentioned above are claimed to be due temporary due to the "release of estrogen and other toxic compounds from the fat you loose". I knew this was b.. but it took me some time to find some explanation. What exactly happens on very low carb is still in the dark. Paleo diet forums have more people who have seen the same problems and some IPers have also experienced it. Again, some people - maybe with existing thyroid problems - seem to be more prone. Just be watchful for symptoms and don't ignore your body despite your desire to lose weight fast. I have been carb loading since, eat a lot more now and currently maintain without a problem at my lower weight until I figure out what to do next.
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