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@1LittleStar yah im planning on staying 100% OP while at the BBQ, im even bringing a big salad and veggies with dip, even if they dont eat it i will ..and it will be all OP! i have told most of my friends about the diet..and even know most dont get it....his family, meh i just dont wanna get into with i'd rather just be a wallflower than have all eyes on me about my new lifestyle lol...tho...tbh, i will talk about it with anyone...for a long not ashamed or shy about this diet, i full 100% believe in it..and its amazing results. But thanks sister for the support

@trishthayer 1.8lbs is like amazing...and even when i did WW that would be a GREAT WEEK....but yes, weight loss is all mental...and as long as the scale is going down...that is all that matters
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