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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
The people who are most successful getting to goal are the ones who change their attitudes about food. Rather than lusting after what they are missing, they find suitable replacements and move forward happily knowing they don't have to live in deprivation.
Well said, Lisa!

Originally Posted by Art3mis View Post
BTW good day everyone....happy weekend. What's red2? lol
and i have to attended a bday BBQ this really not looking forward to it...i'm finding i doing best on this plan being 100% antisocial lol...and really it's the DH family i really do not want to have to explain to them what i am doing or why...*sigh*' but its going to have to happen. I hope you all have a nicer weekend than i will
Hi Art,

Congrats on your losses so far! It took me a long time to want to tell people that I was on IP, especially family. I did notice though that most people don't even notice what you are eating. Hopefully a BBQ will have protein that you can eat. And maybe bring a salad or veggie tray that is IP friendly, then you know you can have what you want. And when you turn down the cake, just say that you are cutting back. No need to explain more if you don't want to. Then have a bar or soy puffs or something waiting for you on the drive home as your treat and reward for staying OP! Enjoy the company at the BBQ and focus in that, rather than the food.

Originally Posted by trishthayer View Post
So just went to my week 7 weigh in and I am down 1.8. Now if this was weight watchers I would be thrilled but because its IP I am slightly disappointed. This is exactly what Lisa was just talking about!!! That is all mental and all in my head!!! I will be happy with 1.8 or any loss!! (Or at least try to be, lol) good luck this weekend everyone!!
Congrats on your loss, Trish! I know it may be a bit disappointing, but your weight loss in 7 weeks is amazing! And you may have one week with a gain at some point, but that's ok too. It just means that much more weight loss next week. There are so many factors influencing weight loss that we can drive ourselves crazy with one number, one week. Hang in there, you are doing awesome!

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