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So just went to my week 7 weigh in and I am down 1.8. Now if this was weight watchers I would be thrilled but because its IP I am slightly disappointed. This is exactly what Lisa was just talking about!!! That is all mental and all in my head!!! I will be happy with 1.8 or any loss!! (Or at least try to be, lol) good luck this weekend everyone!!

Week1- 7.5 Week2-3.0 Week3- 4.0 Week4- 2.3
Week5- 2.4 Week6-4.4 Week7- 1.8 Week8- 3.6
Week9- 1.0 Week10-3.2 Week11-1.0 Week12-0.8
Week13-3.0 Week14-2.8 Week15-0.6 Week16-1.6 Week17-1.2 Week18-2.6 Week19-0.8 Week20-0.6
Week21-1.6 Week22-2.4 Week23-1.4 Week24-0.6
Week25+.8 Week26-2.2 Week27-0.8 Week28-0.2
Week29-1.4 Week30-1.2 Week31-0.6 Week32-1.6
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