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Jelbb: Wow! I think we have the same issue with lunch! I'll pack something nice, but the things I buy -- even if healthy -- are so much more appealing! I've never been diagnosed with BED, but I'm fairly sure I would qualify. I've also gone through lose and gain cycles way too many times, and I think it's pretty clear this is gonna be a lifelong battle for me. Tracking my food is a bit of a pain, but when I've proven to myself I have the ability to gain 15lbs in 2 months, it's probably necessary.

Rechyl: Best of luck with those next 5lbs! That will be an awesome milestone to achieve!

I was feeling a bit less motivated today as the scale was up slightly. From 173.4 to 173.8. Normal fluctuations, but, admittedly, it got to me a little. I only had MFP set to lose 0.5lbs a week which had me at 1680 calories a day, but since obviously I'm looking for quicker results I've changed it to 1lb a week. To do that it calculated that my net should be 1380 calories daily. It's obviously a bit more difficult to do, but, with exercise should help move things along. In any case, I still got in some exercise today (40 mins elliptical) and eats are on target. I'm going out for dinner tonight, but have 1024 calories remaining, so should be able to stay within them.

Happy Friday all!

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