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Oh. Man. Do I ever hear you. I have a semi-diagnosed binge eating disorder. Disagnosed in that a hospital had me participate in a study of people with binge eating disorders... I figure that entitles me to say it's diagnosed.

I have to be pretty careful with my trigger foods as well. And... I'm the same. Controlling portions at restaurants, or even resisting the worse-for-you options is asininely difficult for me. If I'm enjoying my meal, I eat until I feel sick. Theres no "off" button...

Interestingly, recently I had my DNA tested at, and one of the more random markers came back saying I "have a greater tendency to overeat." I was like, "Oh great, that's gene-deep, is it?"

And, financially, I hear ya. Every day after spin class, I go to the grocery store around the corner and get a healthy lunch from the deli there, because it's easy... because I'm a creature of habit... and because it keeps me excited to go grab lunch, not sullenly thinking about a non-fresh packed lunch I have back at the office. But EVERY DAY, it comes to almost $11. That sh*t adds up...!

As for sitting steady weight-wise after a more chilled day... that's great! I figure that way, you know when you get back on track that you'll definitely see the scale drop. Super pumped for ya.

As for me...
Yesterday was a slightly off-schedule sort of day. Our work's president invited the whole office out to her country home to have a picnic and bask in the glory of her goooorgeous place.
I was pretty good eating-wise, but I aimed for more "normal" eating than "perfect" eating. I had about 5 chips, a burger with no bun, canteloupe, a kale and strawberry salad, and two beers.

This morning I was down from 178.6 to 178.4. Sure, it's a miniscule number, but I don't care! It's going DOWN!

Update: Back from today's spin class. Honestly, it's just a miracle that I can keep pedaling the whole way through that class. I do feel a bit pathetic when the WHOLE class is doing climbs and sprints and freezes, and I'm sweating my balls off just pedaling with a bit of tension on...!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.

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