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Congrats Ready For A Change, I hope I will be joining you in the 130s soon. Ok maybe not soon but hopefully by late August.

Dottington, I also a snacker. I sure do love grazing so I like to keep healthy snack at my table at work to make sure I dont run to the vending machine. I snack on fruits, almond nuts, small tub fat free youghurt, low fat cold meat slices, boiled egg. I do not like snacking on veggies , its bad enough that they are part of my meals. And congrats on fitting into a size4, I dont even fit into a 4 even in my dreams. Geez size 26 jeans, this is a huge achievement. I hope you are proud of yourself, job we3ll done.

jackiedavis87, 158 for 4days is nothing. I was stuck at 146lb for 6weeks. You cannot even begin to imagine my frustration. Keep just doing what you are doing and the weight will come off.

As for me, I am down another 2lb . The Weight Loss Gods are back on my side. I haven't had time to go to gym this week because I have been extremely busy at work. So I am just watching my eating very closely. I have a wedding next weekend and I bought a beautiful body fitting lace dress to wear. I am so excited because I will see people I have not seen in many years, cant wait to see the shock on their faces.
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