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What about inches? I may have missed a few things here but don't think I saw if you have lost inches and have your sizes changed? What about exercise? Are you doing any...that will do a few slows lbs and scale losses for most...but also adds muscle. And that also makes the scale look like it's stuck.Also, I am going to be 65...soon! There are some of us in that range here, and yes the journey is not like it is for the youngun's! But don't give up! I feel like things are slowing for me but I AM exercising... having decided the muscle tone and benefits of adding exercise a few months ago was important. {I do a circuit for strength training three days a week and ride a recumbent bike 3X a week on the days I don't do the circuit.This week I added a pilates class for much needed balance and flexibility improvement.....I will try to do that 2-3 X a week. }so I'm not sure what to expect once my body senses that I've added to the activity level.

By the way... I wouldn't buddy up with my dear hubby of 43 yrs on a weightloss journey for all the tea in china...that would be a recipe for depression...! it may well take me a while yet to reach my goal, so we can walk together. and nudge each other when it gets discouraging.

You know if you stop now and want to start again it will be overwhelming..... and that won't make you happier, esp if your spouse has reached or is close to his goal. Just separate your journey from his.
In fact...I'd probably do another TOTALLY different challenge with him that I know he couldn't keep up with you on, ......just to level the playing field over the next few months.

This diet thing is really in our head as much as anything don't forget that!

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