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Default coconut

I know there's no magic pill, but coconut has been around awhile and seems to still be going strong as a weight loss aid and boosting metabolism.

Has anyone included coconut or coconut water, oil, milk, butter, etc in their diet and lost more weight? Meaning if you count calories and counted the calories from the coconut did you lose more weight than without? Is it worth it making room for it in your diet and calories.

Also, anyone know if the bottled coconut water and coconut oil/meat products are just as good as the fresh?

Reason I ask is my supermarket now has the fresh shelled young coconuts so another reason I'm thinking of trying it. I did buy one just being curious what real, fresh coconut tasted like since I never had a fresh one before, ha. Drank the water and ate the meat inside over the past few days... it did seem to give me energy and make me feel more full (even more so than other high fat foods)... not sure if it's the water or the whole coconut that has the effect, but it seemed more noticeable than with the bottled stuff I tried before, just sure was a pain to open the thing. Also knew it was high in calories but didn't realize it was that much, seems like just a tablespoonful of the meat has 100+ calories.... but if it's healthy and can help through burn more calories I'd try to fit it in.
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