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Default Biggest Loser : more harm than inspiration?

I have been catching up with the four last seasons of The Biggest Loser lately. Even though, I do not like the repetitions and the weigh-ins that go on forever, there is something I like about that show. I love to see the transformations, both physical and psychological. I also love the moments when contestants transcend game play and act altruistically.

I also realize that this show has set completely unrealistic expectations in my mind regarding to weight loss which could be really detrimental. Lastly, Bob and Gillian in season 14 were petty and too ego-driven in my view. I found Dolvett to be much more inspiring and generous.

I found this article written by Tom Venuto, a fitness and nutrition expert. (I will let you read the article.)

Here are his cons. I will let you read the article.
  • The biggest loser is judged on weight loss, not body composition.
  • Rapid weight loss competition encourages physically dangerous practices
  • The Biggest Loser pushes overtraining to the point of high injury risk
  • The Biggest Loser has no relevance to real world situations
  • The Biggest Loser trainers are walking a fine line between tough love and abuse
  • On The Biggest Loser, normal rates of weight loss are penalized and frowned on as failure
  • The Biggest Loser encourages unrealistic weight loss expectations
  • The Biggest Loser does not teach real-world lifestyle strategies
  • The Biggest Loser doesn't focus on lifelong maintenance

The more I think about it, the lesser I am convinced that overweight viewers get positive reinforcement. What do you think?

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