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Woo! I went back for the spin class. My *** really was kicked. But like, seriously. Two days of spin class in a row leaves the rear-end a little sore, even with the seat cushion! Back for more punishment today tho!

Hmm. What's MFP?
I'm actually abandoning calorie counting this time around. Previously I was super obsessive about calories, would flip out if I went over my daily allotment, beat myself up with guilt, checked calories on everything, and didn't like eating un-packaged, non-processed foods because they didn't have an accurate calorie-count stamped on the side.
Since it was such mental stress, and I operated on an on/off mentality (either I was counting calories perfectly, or completely ignoring them and eating tons of garbage) this time around I'm operating on a much more laid-back and manageable, "you have a treat for lunch, you eat healthily for dinner," "Oh, you had ice cream last night? You're having fruit and yogurt for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs." I aim for healthier, less-processed options, and continually purchase things I don't want to eat for lunch: like quinoa and chickpea salads in balsamic vinagrettes... I'm hoping if I keep stuffing them down my throat I'll develop a taste for them. Plus, I don't overeat when I don't really enjoy it, HA.

Good job on seeing the water weight drop! Sometimes I think your body needs a little respite from the hardcore workout to get the scale going down! And... very impressed. Bootcamp workouts scare me. When I can't breathe and need to stop and take a drink of water, I don't like having the instructor yelling at me to keep going lmao. I would do baaaadly on the biggest loser!

Sorry to hear about your knee! Injuries are such a freakin' pain... Kudos for switching up workouts instead of STOPPING workouts!

And hey... lofty goals rock, even if you're a tad shy of the exact number. They motivate you if nothing else! And I'm rooting for ya!

Super glad to have you, but I hope you're not stuck here for too long either. It sucks feeling "stuck" in any weight decade. But you're so close to the 150s, I'm sure you'll be outta here in no time!
Check in lots, can't wait to hear how you're doing!

As for me...
I'm 178.6 today, and LOVING it. It feels so good to see the numbers going down consistently, and feeling completely motivated for the first time in SO long. I just watched the scale climb for over a year in this defeatus way, struggling half-heartedly to eat slightly better, but never managing to do more than exhaust my mental willpower and winding up binging on garbage. I made it to my highest weight EVER, and undid all of the hard work I ever did in the past.
When I first joined 3FC, I went from 176 down to 137, and never felt better. Since then, I've just yo'yo'd back up and down and finally waaaay back up. I just desperately want to lose the weight and be able to maintain it in an unconscious way instead of this on and off switch to my obsessiveness! Obsessive eating vs obsessive calorie-counting cycle = Pain-FUL.

Anyhow, postitives: Heading to spin class today, and focusing on eating well since tomorrow we have a "mandatory fun" work picnic at the president of the company's house. There will be booze and garbage food, and I will be tempted. Not gonna say I WON'T eat anything bad for me, or have a beer, since life happens... so instead, I'll just focus on eating well today to make up for tomorrow.

Hope you're all doing well! Check in when ya can!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.

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