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Dance - dating a guy with kids is great because you know that they dont want to waste time. They either know its that girls or not, and if not, they move on quickly. There are no games. He sounds dreamy, lol. Kudos on some more weight down. I started buckling down last week with eating but have let up on the strict exercise routine. Ugh...why cant I just do both at one time, lol. I still plan on working out 5 days a week but I need a little break from Jillian. I found myself making up excuses on why I couldnt work out and that means I was getting bored. My friend at work started going to the gym everyday and just doing the treadmill. I joined her twice last week and loved it because the time flew by so I think I will continue to do the treadmill with her daily and then focus on weights in between. My plan is to hop on the scale on Friday and update my ticker on that day. I KNOW I am down because of how the clothes are all fitting but I really want to wait and make Fridays my weigh in date.

Keep up the good work girls! It seems Vanessa is continuing to do quite well for herself, it stinks that she doesnt hop on here anymore but Im glad I was able to friend request her on Facebook.

Sandy - oh come on Sandy, come back to the can do it! I cant lie, dieting and exercising is not easy when you have a hectic lifestyle but we have to make time, make it part of our routine. :-) Im working FT, PT, school FT and taking care of 3 can do it girly. Ok, not trying to be mean, just want to be your cheerleader to give you some incentive to peak back in every once and while. p.s. you grandbabies are SO cute!

Ok girls, got a lot to do. I have not been sleeping well because my grandpa up north is in the hospital. I want to go and see him and very well may take a long weekend. I dont have vaca time so it would have to be friday night to sunday night.
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