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Karen, I like my ipad but it depends on what you want to do. Just like on the phone you use apps to do things. Which is why I say it is more like a giant phone. Of course you can use the browser (Safari comes with it but you can download others), and access the internet. But my iPad is not capable of showing some things that use flash, so those I simply cannot see. However I am able to see many videos, although not all of them. I do not understand the differences but apparently they are different. My google email and calendar and some other apps like Evernote and MyFitnessPal synch with both my ipad and iphone. So that's pretty cool. Oh and also my budget program when shopping I can enter my purchases right away so I don't forget. Really like that but I can also do it on my phone which is actually more convenient since I always have my phone with me and usually not my ipad. I bought my ipad for traveling but often with a short trip, I can get by easily with my phone only. For longer trips, I take my ipad. I use my ipad mostly though to read books (I have the Kindle app on it so lots of free books), and to play games. I do this mostly while watching TV. Keeps my hands busy! So far I do not take my ipad to the gym for fear of it getting glassy! I use my Kindle to read on the bike at the gym. It was cheaper and I don't worry about it. However it is beginning to break down and I may have to start using my iPad soon.

I THINK my next tablet will either be an iPad mini or a Kindle Fire. Don't know the prices of the iPad minis but the Kindle Fire is cheaper than a regular ipad and it can do much the same thing from what I hear. I love my first version Kindle for reading so think I will like the Fire for that too. A iPad mini might be a great way to go though..because I like the smaller size (would fit in my purse) and I think it MIGHT be a little sturdier if put into a protective case like i have for my Kindle.

So these are my ideas. When I got my ipad I was a bit disappointed that it was not more like a laptop, but then I got to like it in a different way and now like having a tablet for some things. We don't travel so long as we used to so it is enough.

Think about what you want a tablet for, how you plan to use it. My sil (who can afford whatever he wants and already has both a desktop and laptop), also has a ipad which he only uses for playing games.

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