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I am definitely not in health care, though from constant dieting over the years I sometimes feel like I can parrot all the nutritional information, even if I am not good at following it on my own.

With that being said... I actually thought all the IP food was extremely low in sodium as compared to an average diet? Is that incorrect? I understand the proteins are highly processed, but I don't think processed, in this case, equates to high sodium. In fact, I get headaches more now which I attribute to my lack of sodium... at least causally as ensuring salt in my lunch and dinner seems to alleviate the issue. Sodium is a necessary component for health - and I would be interested to know if your sodium intake is actually LESS than your sister's restricted diet due to the lack of "other" processed foods. If I am tracking religiously in, I can see that I am far from hitting the recommended % of sodium of a normal adult.

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