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Well helloooo 170s. I've missed you.

Hey ladies! I am super psyched to be checking out of the 190s/180s thread and into this one. And hoping to get out of the 170s in the opposite direction this time around.

179.4 this morning, with my digital scale briefly flashing 178.8 at me. I'm choosing to stick with 179.4 for now, and we'll see if my too-good-to-be-true number pops up again in the next few days!

I hear ya woman. Feeling like the fattest person at any event is a major ego downer. Of the 10ish women at my work who are in their 20s-30s, I am most certainly the heftiest, and it doesn't feel good. But we'll change all that.

Love the determination! We'll see those 160s in NO TIME.

Awesome!! How ya doing in the last couple days?

Oh man. Same. Horrible aspect of weight loss journeys... TOM loves to wreak havoc with the scale, eh? Hang in there darling, just a few days til you're out of the woods!

Hmmm. I'm a sucker for Mio, so that's a good call... I googled a little and found this recipe for "Fat Flushing Water" (?) but it does sound good! It says the longer it sits, the better it gets.

-1/2 gallon water
-6 wedges grapefruit
-1 tangerine
-sliced cucumber
-sliced 2 peppermint or mint leaves

If you try it, lemme know how it is! Maybe I should give it a shot over the chemical-y Mio...!

Eeeee, so close to out of the 160s! Way to go woman! Hope the new scale can clear things up for ya.
EDIT: Yaaaaaaay!!!!!! Congratulations! And yay for the new scale. Kick-*** in the next thread down!

Yaaaaaay, someone I remember from the old days.
Glad to see a familiar face, and SO with you on getting the **** out of the borderline 180s! How ya doing these days!?

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.

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